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Facilities Inspections and Pre-Foreclosure Solutions

We'll inspect your facilities after vacancy is confirmed and work on boarding, winterizatin and preforming other essential rehabs to the property.
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Securing- After the initial securing order has been issued, vacancy confirmed and property inspection completed, we complete a lock change per client requirements. During securing, our field specialist board any broken windows and/or doors, complete any necessary property winterization, and thoroughly document incidents of damage and debris. Re-securing services are available to assure ongoing protection and marketability of the property. A complete property condition report is supplied to the client, including photos.

On-going Lawn Maintenance- Observing FHA regulations for grass cutting frequency, we generally provide service every two weeks during the cutting season or as per our client. All shrubbery and bushes are trimmed once per season or as instructed by client. Proper landscape maintenance enhances curb appeal, ensures compliance with local ordinances and discourages unwanted attention.

Trash Removal- Interior and exterior debris is removed from all properties to prevent code violations, as well as potential health, safety and/or infestation problems. All interior and exterior debris, including hazardous debris, is removed. Exterior debris is transferred to a licensed disposal facility. Interior debris is disposed of according to client guidelines.

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