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Water Meter Installation & Reading, Billing

We offer quality water meter reading, installation and billing, including design and implementation.
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Reading- Meter reading is an essential step building owners must take to accurately determine the amount of water a tenant has used, and assign its proper cost. In addition to assisting landlords with accurate readings of tenant’s actual water usage, professional meter readers are trained to inspect for leaks and other potential safety issues. GLFR provides a full range of water meter reading services, including providing monthly or quarterly bills that are easy to read and understand.

Installation - Meter installation requires a certain level of precision, and should be correct at all times. Let GLFR partner with you to expertly plan your installation and monitor quality assurance protocol. GLFR will also assess the design and implementation of appropriate data transfer specifications to enhance meter functionality and accuracy. We work closely with your team to determine the required project plan, materials and personnel to perform your meter and module installation. All installs are documented with photographs and we maintain an open line of communication to assess quality and continuity of the project.

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